The Punchy Teos Nutri Pops IDEA: The idea of Teos Nutri Pops came alive after we decided to get an age old nutritious super food to you bundled up in great taste and feel.

The super food was Makhana (Foxnut) which has been available in certain parts of India and consumed in varied mixes and recipes.

Teos sprung out with the concept of making it commercially available with intent to make a positive difference to your lifestyle. Our snacks are prepared with constant effort to reduce nutrition loss of raw ingredients.

A binge worthy snack with the balance of tasteful flavors and quality graded nutritious makhana pops. Yes, we avoid to get them fried and thus toasted them for better nutrition value.


Your long-lost spark companion. The eccentric mix of chilli, mustard and ginger add to that of the tanginess of pickle.

Piri Piri

Your binge-watching companion. The concoction mixes of chilies, oregano, black pepper, garlic and onion pack a fiery punch of premium continental flavor.


Yes that girl gang gossip companion. The all-time best seller fab mix of cream and onion to soothe your routine.


Your bowlful companion in evening gatherings. The mouth-watering unique flavours of cheese, black pepper and goodness of basil & oregano making your every bite pack a margarita punch.


The fab day activity starter. Undoubtedly the most sober flavour for all age groups is the classic salt and pepper.


It’s your thriller in every drama. Tomato, basil, chilli, cloves and cassia make the most unique and soulful tanginess in your taste buds.

Improves heart health

Strengthen your bones

Keeps you filled thus aids in weight loss

Helps in controlling blood sugar levels

Good for digestion


Improves cognitive function.

We @ Teos have been sincere students and studying the essential gifts of nature provided to mankind.

Amongst these were also the consumption and need for dry fruits in daily life. On further digging in we bumped to the fact that there’s a whole lot new world beyond the usual common nuts.

Here we are now ensuring that you live life full of zest and enthusiasm each day with our range of vegetable nuts and seeds.

Yes, we avoid getting them fried and thus roasted them for preserving better nutrition value.

Roasted and Salted Flax Seeds

Bingo! Say hello to your heart and gut friendly flax seeds. Consume it daily and you will surely see a better gut health and cardio health because it’s a natures gift to us which helped our ancestors ensure their legacy kept on running from generation to generation.

Trail Mix Seeds

Pump up for more. This unique mix keeps your body supplied with zinc, magnesium, protein and fiber along with antioxidants.

Roasted and Salted Mix Seeds

Your power pack for longevity. A right mix of Pumpkin seeds, Watermelon seeds, Flax seeds, Black sesame seeds, White sesame seeds, Dill seeds, Black salt, Turmeric powder.

Satgun Mix Seeds Mukhwas (A digestive and mouth freshener)

Yeah, it’s that crunchy noise after meals that you wanna taste. Containing a natural balance of digestive properties this is sure to keep you feeling light and sorted after heavy meals.

NOTE: Do read the benefits and nutrition value on the packs to blow your mind!

Flax Seeds – Patent fiber supply to keep your gut healthy and avoid constipation.
Rich in antioxidants supporting a strong immune system and reduce any inflammation.

Trail Mix – A mix of Pumpkin seeds, Watermelon seeds, Dried Cranberry, Almonds,
Dried Pineapple, Black salt. These pack a power punch for a healthy supply of protein,
fiber, zinc, magnesium, and Antioxidants.

Mix Seeds –A mix of Pumpkin seeds, Watermelon seeds, Flax seeds, Black sesame seeds,
White sesame seeds, Dill seeds, Black salt, Turmeric powder. They are known to help our system
avoid diseases and reduce inflammation.

Mix Seeds Mukhwas – A balanced mix of Fennel seeds, Dhana Dal, White Sesame seeds, Flax seeds,
Ajwain, Dill seeds, Black Salt, Turmeric. They ensure your digestion is apt and help you absorb the
nutrients from your meals satisfactorily and also the mix keeps bad breath at bay.

Keep watching this space for more wonder products from Teos


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